Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Passage Explication #1

In the passage when i told her it didnt mean anthing but that i didnt think so Albert Camus suggest that people who dont show others respect will have a hard time getti ng along with others. He explains how when he shows the way raymond acts towards his wife. He doesnt show his emotions so we all dont know how he really feels about her or anything. When the passage begins marie didnt have a clue that her and raymond were going to get into a fight which it said in the last sentence. When Mersault tells marie that they would have lunch together that probably made her happy since he dosent really say much. He actually went to the store and brought some meat so this was a good lunch im guessing. They never really did anything like that before and if they did marie was the on preparing the food and making decisions. When the passage starts mersault and marie eat lunch and they hear Salamano yelling at his dog. He says '' lousy stinking basatrd '' then they just go on a walk. After a while Mersault starts telling stories and they are laughing together having a good time. she loved the way he had kissed her. when she asked him if he loved her he basically said it didnt matter and that it didnt mean anything to him. To me thats just disrespectful and a slap in the face and i dont understand why marie is in love with a man who cant even answer a simple question. People like him are meant to be alone with nobody around them. Mersault just takes up space and says things that arent nesseccary. He just doesnt like to show his emotions and maybe he has a reason for that but we dont know. When he does something to her that makes her mad he makes it up to her by kissing her and then gets away wit it.