Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collge Essay

I can't rememer what I was watching , what time it was, or the day it happend, but when she told i felt like my life was over. It was around night time a little after dinner i was sitting in my moms room laying on her bed watchin some catoons. byth way i was 12 at the time. Then my mother comes in her room with a ig grin on her face so i thought what she had to tell me was important. So she sat next to me on the bed and told me that wer'e moving to florida. The only thing i could think of was leaving my friends and my father behind just made me want to yell at her but i didn't have the guts to. She knew that i was ging to be upset and i didn't know why she chose that exact moment to break the news to me. In my head i was just thinking about how can my mother could decide to move somewhere without even asking my siser and i for permission even though that sounds a little silly but we are llowed to hav a say in this. My sister didn't really care she liked the idea of seeing new people and meeting new friends but i'm more difficult and i had friends in cambridge. i told my mother that i wasn't going to move to florida.. I told my sister everyones going to look the same nothing i going to change so why don't we stay in cambridge. Out of all 50 states she chose florida. Just because it's sunny everyday doesn't mean i am going to like it . but when i think about this today i feel like a whole new person. I livd in a different state and me some new cool people tht act and dress the same way as i do. I noticed that i can make frerinds easily. I'm outspoken and not shy at all. I sually say what's on my mind and tell you like it is. in life people are suppose to explore and discover something. buy in my situation i'd rather stay in one place with the pople i knew and grew up with. In the end i fixed my attitude and thanked my mther for moving. it turned out that i actually liked florida in a way. also my grandfather, aunts, uncles lived there so i got to spend alot of time with them. After a while we realized that this wasn't going to work for us so we moved back to massachusetts. Instead of going to cambridge we landed in malden which i dont like tat much but i'd rather be hee thenn florida. Malden isn't tat bad i new a few people out here and my cosin lived here for a while so i got use to it. Overall i think this happend for a reason and made me realize not everything is about me and i have to put others in front of me for a while.

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