Friday, October 1, 2010

Landscape Of The Fall Of Icarus ( in class essay)

In the poem Lanscapse Of The Fall Of Icarus, the author william Carlos williams suggest that theres more than one meaning for this peom. An example would be life goes on. Which means no matter what happened you have to live through it and keep doing you. He also suggest everything has a purpose in life. This is actually true because everything you do theres a reson why you do it. Life is complicated nowadays you don't know what to expect. Theirs always going to be consequences for our actions. Like daedalus's son iarus he tried to do something that was impossible and look now hes not even alive. Huamns are very selfish when it comes down to theirselves. They're willing to try new things but won't let anyone esle try either. in the picture brueghel relates this to the poem becasue he shows Icarus drwoning with his feet up in the air. The author mentions the farmer plowing his field and that's exactly what's in the picture also. to me it seemed like this picture represented the spring since the sun was shinning really bright and the farmer was plowing his field.

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