Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Shift (in class essay)

In the poem Red Shift by Ted Berrigan he author suggest that that this guy is dissapointed. The way his tone it seems like he's imagining what's going on. He can maybe be dying who knows but the way he describes his surroundings seems pretty boring. It's like hes stuck somewhere he can't escape. However there is somethings he says that catches my attention and changes my opinion on how i feel about him.  To this poem is about a 43 year old man and his life is going through some changes. Its like a shift of emotions it will always change. he eplains how he knew some girl and didn't even recognize him because she grew up to fast. He's just so sad and depressed that he can never be happy. So he drinks all his problems away like it' nothing. His feelings are always changing. He's probably confused or crying about something ut he never explan why he feels this way if he did maybe he can feel a different way. The poem is staying that this guy seems to be talking to someone. I think so because he mentions how he has entered in someones life and that they can't escape him. He also says " I came into your change it and it did so now nothing will ever change that and that's that". He's trying to tell us theres been a change in is life and he has to accept it. This shift happend for a reason and only god knows why this why he said he didnt ask for this you did. You is referring to god.

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