Thursday, October 21, 2010

Collge Essay

I can't rememer what I was watching , what time it was, or the day it happend, but when she told i felt like my life was over. It was around night time a little after dinner i was sitting in my moms room laying on her bed watchin some catoons. byth way i was 12 at the time. Then my mother comes in her room with a ig grin on her face so i thought what she had to tell me was important. So she sat next to me on the bed and told me that wer'e moving to florida. The only thing i could think of was leaving my friends and my father behind just made me want to yell at her but i didn't have the guts to. She knew that i was ging to be upset and i didn't know why she chose that exact moment to break the news to me. In my head i was just thinking about how can my mother could decide to move somewhere without even asking my siser and i for permission even though that sounds a little silly but we are llowed to hav a say in this. My sister didn't really care she liked the idea of seeing new people and meeting new friends but i'm more difficult and i had friends in cambridge. i told my mother that i wasn't going to move to florida.. I told my sister everyones going to look the same nothing i going to change so why don't we stay in cambridge. Out of all 50 states she chose florida. Just because it's sunny everyday doesn't mean i am going to like it . but when i think about this today i feel like a whole new person. I livd in a different state and me some new cool people tht act and dress the same way as i do. I noticed that i can make frerinds easily. I'm outspoken and not shy at all. I sually say what's on my mind and tell you like it is. in life people are suppose to explore and discover something. buy in my situation i'd rather stay in one place with the pople i knew and grew up with. In the end i fixed my attitude and thanked my mther for moving. it turned out that i actually liked florida in a way. also my grandfather, aunts, uncles lived there so i got to spend alot of time with them. After a while we realized that this wasn't going to work for us so we moved back to massachusetts. Instead of going to cambridge we landed in malden which i dont like tat much but i'd rather be hee thenn florida. Malden isn't tat bad i new a few people out here and my cosin lived here for a while so i got use to it. Overall i think this happend for a reason and made me realize not everything is about me and i have to put others in front of me for a while.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Red Shift (in class essay)

In the poem Red Shift by Ted Berrigan he author suggest that that this guy is dissapointed. The way his tone it seems like he's imagining what's going on. He can maybe be dying who knows but the way he describes his surroundings seems pretty boring. It's like hes stuck somewhere he can't escape. However there is somethings he says that catches my attention and changes my opinion on how i feel about him.  To this poem is about a 43 year old man and his life is going through some changes. Its like a shift of emotions it will always change. he eplains how he knew some girl and didn't even recognize him because she grew up to fast. He's just so sad and depressed that he can never be happy. So he drinks all his problems away like it' nothing. His feelings are always changing. He's probably confused or crying about something ut he never explan why he feels this way if he did maybe he can feel a different way. The poem is staying that this guy seems to be talking to someone. I think so because he mentions how he has entered in someones life and that they can't escape him. He also says " I came into your change it and it did so now nothing will ever change that and that's that". He's trying to tell us theres been a change in is life and he has to accept it. This shift happend for a reason and only god knows why this why he said he didnt ask for this you did. You is referring to god.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Landscape Of The Fall Of Icarus ( in class essay)

In the poem Lanscapse Of The Fall Of Icarus, the author william Carlos williams suggest that theres more than one meaning for this peom. An example would be life goes on. Which means no matter what happened you have to live through it and keep doing you. He also suggest everything has a purpose in life. This is actually true because everything you do theres a reson why you do it. Life is complicated nowadays you don't know what to expect. Theirs always going to be consequences for our actions. Like daedalus's son iarus he tried to do something that was impossible and look now hes not even alive. Huamns are very selfish when it comes down to theirselves. They're willing to try new things but won't let anyone esle try either. in the picture brueghel relates this to the poem becasue he shows Icarus drwoning with his feet up in the air. The author mentions the farmer plowing his field and that's exactly what's in the picture also. to me it seemed like this picture represented the spring since the sun was shinning really bright and the farmer was plowing his field.

500 words on Brugel

The background of the painting is lighter colors. The sun is shinning so it probably in the morning. There are big boats and a city, this may be an ocean or a sea. In the background on the top right is an iceberg. The sky looks very weird it has different colors like blue yellow and white. It is blue and the land rises sharply. The sun looks very low in the sky. The sun is in the middle of the picture maybe to the right a little. On the left side I see a city where people live and beside it looks like huge rocks. In the middle of the sea there is one boat and it looks like its going somewhere. On the right side there is another boat but it’s bigger. Next to the boat I see trees and another island. Next to the trees there’s a guy holding a stick with a lot of goats near him. It looks like he’s going hiking. The goats are just picking t the floor probably looking for food. The goats are surrounded by little trees or bushes. The guy is looking up at the sky wondering where he is. In the sea Icarus is drowning with his feet up in the air. In the front on the bottom I see another guy sticking his hand in the water. He is sitting on the grass searching for something or maybe he is going fishing. In the very front there is a farmer plowing his field. He’s wearing a red shirt but the brown thing on him looks like a dress. His hair is cut short and his shoes look a little fancy. While he’s plowing there is a horse that’s making the plough work. The man and the horse are also surrounded by some bushes and some rotten flowers. The most thing that I see is that the farmers face is hidden so that must mean something. The farmer is trying to go somewhere from the way he horse is leading him. Next to the city it looks likes there’s more icebergs all the way in the back. Where the farmer is plowing its looks like there is cracks on the floor or on the side walk. I see a dead bird on top of something. It looks like it was on that for a long time. The water in the ocean seems to change colors. In the middle it’s clear but near the side its pretty dark. On the side the water has waves in it. To me the water looks black which could resemble the death of Icarus. In the water there is a mini island with tress around it. The boats shouldn’t be in the water because the rocks could be dangerous for them just in case they hit it. There seems to be some wind because the sail looks like it’s going to fall off. The farmer is also plowing downhill that may be a little difficult.

Ovid D.j

Why is Daedalus homesick?
Who exiled him?
Is crete the place where they sent him away to?


Dear Mr. Gallagher i was born and rasied in Cambridge, Mass until i moved to malden my sophmore year in highschool. After i moved out of cambridge my mom decided that we should live in florida. I didn't want to leave my friends behind but i had no choice so ended up doing my freshmen year in florida. we didnt really like florida that much so we moved back to boston but we landed in malden. I speak two languages english and creole. As a reader i would say i'm not the best but i only read when i get to choose the book not when it's an assignmet.